Homework Market – The government is also convinced that the procedure for the protection of the rule of law is an attempt to extend the facts made by the powers of the European Commission and the European Parliament is illegal.

Health requirements – according Kwaśniak Affordable – will be the same as before. In this regard, the concept of territorial defense does not provide zmian.Pytany, what kind of candidates are the most desirable by the military, Kwaśniak said that it’s all about the people who until now were interested in territorial defense, are members of various organizations and scouting proobronnych or “all people active patriots, who have at heart the safety of Polish and want to help in some way for the sake of yourself, your family and Poland “.Członkowie proobronnych organizations will be able to join the Territorial Defense Forces individually or in groups. In this second variant, after passing the appropriate tests and exams, they can be incorporated as a team or platoon to the existing larger subdivision. The level of platoon commanders of sub-units and branches of the territorial defense have, however, be professional soldiers. “After passing the qualification volunteer come into our training system, which will take place once, up to two times a month. Within a few months, will he trained for several days, submitting the completed oath. Then I will be a soldier of the reserve allocation to serve in the territorial defense “- explained Kwaśniak.Jak he added, it will be the start of a three-year training cycle, which is to end exams and reaching full capacity by the soldiers to act in the event of crisis or war. For those who pass all the tests, the training is to be continued, but with less intensywnością.Jak said Kwaśniak training is primarily involve shooting, tactics adapted to the conditions in a particular region (the other is a tactic in the wooded area as the lake, and another in urban as in Silesia), activities in the field of topography, protection and defense objects, diagnosis, education and patriotic education fizyczne.Prócz training at the weekend, falling on average once a month, once a year, the soldiers are to be referred for more on the military exercises, lasting at least a week. Territorial Defense Forces soldiers to be at this time and ripped vetted within larger subdivisions and oddziałów.Koncepcja Ministry of Defense states that in peacetime the soldiers of Territorial Defense to be used in situations of natural disasters. “Because the Territorial Defense Forces will be deployed in the districts, in the first place the governor or the mayor will surely return to that which is closest (…) Our lawyers are working to improve it, so that the governor could directly ask the company commander territorial defense, and he, of course, inform your supervisor as soon as he could to help, “- said Kwaśniak.Dodał that during the military crisis territorial defense Forces may, for example. combat subversive or terrorist groups. However, during the war the soldiers who serve in the districts and provinces, which will be waged strategic defensive operation will be cooperated with fighting forces in the area operacyjnymi.W formal sense for people in the Territorial Defense Forces soldiers are to be reserves, so that assigned to serve in the defense forces subunits Terytorialnej.Jak Kwaśniak informed, a team of lawyers working on projects changes in the law, especially the law on universal duty to defend where you have eg. add Territorial defense forces as a new kind of armed forces. The project – said Kwaśniak – to be ready to wakacji.Rozstrzygnięcia requires also the issue of where to store the weapons belonging to the sub-units of the Territorial Defense. He said Kwaśniak, is considered the idea of ​​using this command to county police and Interior Ministry investigating your options. “We turned them over a month ago in this matter and look forward to the results. I do not know how it will come out, but in the worst scenario we anticipate that these weapons will be stored in the existing military units,” – said the representative of Ministry of Defense. He admitted that in this case it would mean the beginning of a problem with commuting to places of storage broni.zobacz the “WSJ”: NATO prepares four battalions on the eastern flank of the “Russian Defense Ministry: Our military aircraft flying according to the rules'” There are also those voices to the soldiers kept the guns in the house. I know that in some countries it is. Personally, I’m a supporter, but I know that it requires a great revolution not only legal, but also mental. it’s hard to say what will come out, “- he added Kwaśniak .mon announced that the first three brigades of the Territorial Defense Forces arise until the end of 2016. Kwaśniak As he said, they will be located in Podlaskie, Lublin and Subcarpathian. According to the Ministry of National Defense attorney until the end of the year, these brigades are to be brought to life in the formal and legal sense, and their leadership will begin to function and complete set. During this time, they have also created four territorial defense battalions – in Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszów and in Siedlce. Yet in 2016. It also has to be established Defense Forces Command Terytorialnej.Kwaśniak stressed that the territorial defense units to take over the tradition of local branches Soldiers accursed. He admitted that in this regard will be needed military arrangements with communities lokalnymi.Wojska territorial defense are ultimately count approx. 35 thousand. soldiers. Within a few years, Defense Ministry intends to create 17 brigades (one in each province and two in Mazovia). As reported in Tuesday’s statement the company LOT summer peak season wants to ensure maximum liquidity operations in the most difficult for the airline during the holiday season. The company explains that he wants to do everything to comfort the passengers as high as possible. In particular, they want to ensure a short time transfers passengers przesiadającym in Warsaw on LOT merger, flying to European cities, as well as to Asia and North America. “In the coming holidays, young enthusiasts of aviation will be able to closely see how they look backstage operation of the airline industry. Willing to work with the support of the operation of LOT Chopin Airport for at least three summer months will have the opportunity to try your hand in a dynamic and international environment. this offer is also a real chance to start a career in the airline industry “- reads. The Company informs that between May and September this year, LOT will create dozens of new jobs. The tasks of the new employees will include assisting in the handling of passengers in the terminal at the airport, providing information about connections LOT, and care transit passengers. New employees will be in constant contact with aerodrome operational services supporting the process of ground handling aircraft. Candidates are expected LOT good knowledge of English (B2), ease in establishing contacts and attitude to customer needs. Knowledge of other languages ​​and the interest of the airline industry would be an advantage. In addition to remuneration, the company encourages among candidates ticket of “standby” both parties to any of the 90 courses available in the grid carrier, from which you can use to end cooperation. Since 2016. National carrier announced the launch of 57 new routes, including direct flights from Warsaw to Singapore, Los Angeles, Seoul and Tokyo, from Krakow to Chicago from Rzeszow to Newark and from Budapest to New York and Chicago. LOT employs nearly 2.8 thousand. employees in dozens of countries around the world. In 2017. LOT carried a total of over 6.8 million passengers, an increase of over 25 percent. during the year. At that time, LOT received four new Boeings: two aircraft and two B787 Dreamliner B737 MAX 8. 2018. Carrier fleet will enter 12 more machines: three B787-9 (a larger version of the Dreamliner having 42 more seats), three B737 MAX 8 and six embraerów 195, while the number of passengers is expected to reach nearly 9 million. Warsaw Chopin Airport is the largest airport in Poland. In 2017. It handled 15.75 million passengers, an increase of 23 percent. more than in 2016. (PAP) by Aneta Oksiuta editor Jacek Ensztein The information for the government foreign minister declared that his ministry will be fought unstable place for Polish in the UN Security Council, reform of the institutional system of the EU after brexicie, refresh the Eastern Partnership and the development of the branch network abroad (the establishment of embassies in Tanzania, the Philippines and Panama and consulates in Houston and Belfast). Such information Polish Radio reported yesterday. In the first exposé Minister put the alliance with Britain and announced the “inventory” in relations with Berlin. Do not exhibited the role of EU institutions. LP The information that this year in this respect will be different. Law and Justice as one of the reasons brexitu (hit the concept of alliance with London and the same interests in Polish) recognizes the failure of the EU institutions, which have not coped with the crisis, migration and terrorism. It can be expected that after the experience with the procedure applied to the Polish government to protect the rule of law will be interested in weakening of the European Commission to strengthen the European Council. Law and Justice is an advocate of the role of institutions less bureaucratic and more the role of intergovernmental Europe. In the current political climate Warsaw will not be alone in this respect, and its plans do not have to be a phantasmagoria. The government is also convinced that the procedure for the protection of the rule of law is an attempt to extend the facts made by the powers of the European Commission and the European Parliament is illegal. As we wrote in the DGP, the legality of this procedure also questioned the legal service of the Council of the EU. Argued that it is incompatible with the Treaty principle of providing for the grant of the EU institutions have many privileges as follows directly from traktatów.zobacz also Sikorski and Waszczykowski: Two sides of the same coin “The Government, adopting yesterday assumptions Polish foreign policy in 2017., He revealed only general assumptions. These are safety, strong position in Europe and the Polish EU integration of the region, eastern policy. Technical aspects of how it will be achieved homeworkmarket.me/ remain confidential. You can, however, attempt an analysis of current activities and what results from them in the future. In 2016. The biggest blow to the concept of foreign policy was proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said brexit. With the British had to build strategic relations. Their role in the EU, however, has declined dramatically. Poland, however, did not diminish activity in relations with London. After the July meeting, the Prime Minister Beata Awl with its counterpart Theresa May was held intergovernmental consultations (which so far only the British conducted with France). The effects were not groundbreaking. Did not receive any guarantees on the rights of Poles living in the UK (talks on this are part of an EU-wide market for the free movement of persons between the EU and Britain after brexicie). Confirmed information about the disposition of Orzysz in the vicinity of 150 soldiers from the Light Dragoons regiment, but this can not be regarded as a direct result of the consultation (security issues were part of the discussions in the context of the NATO summit). They mentioned plans to appoint Polish cathedral at Cambridge. There was also talk about the signing of the future Polish-British military agreement. At a meeting in London could be observed disparities in the cast Ministerial organized Downing Street press conference. On the Polish side were – apart from the Prime Minister – including Heads: Polish diplomacy, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Development. He represented the British Minister for …. Out of the EU, David Davis. As a rule, co-operation with the British sense. The United Kingdom is a nuclear power and sees a similar policy of Russia in Europe (as a threat to the safety assesses its activity in the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic). London has a permanent place on the UN Security Council. It has more than 4 percent. votes in the IMF and a strong influence on the decisions of the World Bank. Even with this strategic alliance remains more potential than real. On the other hand, according to the leftist newspaper “The Guardian” relations with the Polish for May are a function of the output of the isolation in which he found himself after London brexicie.zobacz the Government adopted assumptions of Polish foreign policy in 2017. »As is overrated Polish-British alliance , the hyperbole is behind the argument of the radical in cooling relationship with Berlin. PiS took power when relations Berlin – Warsaw were dominated by celebre subsequent anniversaries. Real problems – such as guaranteeing the rights of the Polish minority in Germany or conflicting interests in the field of energy security – never diplomacy PO has not been resolved (Federal Republic of Germany for years blocked the granting of Poles to the status of a national minority, even though such status stems from the Polish-German Treaty of 1991 r., is also developing with the Russian gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea). If you examine the official statements by representatives of Polish and German state, we do not find, however exalted or dramatic declarations, which could indicate a breakdown in this relationship (beyond words Martin Schultz, who represents the European Parliament and it is speculated that the target can be the boss of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs). There can also be seen in the meltdown of German investments in Poland (in 2016. This was announced by Daimler to build a factory in the center of Jawor serwisującego engines used in aircraft by Lufthansa in Sroda Slaska). Unofficially, it is also known that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for optimal successor Angela Merkel, the position of head of government would be Angela Merkel. This is a predictable partner and critical of the Kremlin’s policy. The fact that the Poles would be “the best solution”, also spoke in an interview with “Bild” Jaroslaw Kaczynski. It can be expected that 2017. Will be marked (if possible) of pragmatic cooperation between Warsaw – Berlin. Question remains the relationship with the US. Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the presidency of Donald Trump remains optimistic. Waszczykowski minister in an interview with “The Times Poland” boasted that predicted his victory. Informally MFA closely following each appointment and gesture, they are associated with the claimed reset US-Russian. Resort diplomacy also hopes that there will be no changes with regard to the decision of the NATO summit in Warsaw, where the Alliance members are committed to the deployment of the eastern flank (including Poland) multinational troops (in Poland, the state framework in relation to them are the United States) .